What's New

BFG's Integrater product and supply chain management software upgraded to feature on-line diaries reducing the need for excessive email's and keeping all those who need to know informed with the latest real time information.



INTEGRATeR is BFG’s unique fully integrated Product Life-cycle and Supply Chain Management software that provides our business partners worldwide with a full transparent on-line suite of functionality from product design to delivery into your warehouse.

Product Life-cycle Management Suite

  • A fully integrated cradle to grave Product Life-cycle management suiteINTEGRATeR provides clients full REAL-TIME access to project developments, status and latest information.
  • Project Critical Path / Milestone tracking.
  • Builds product data in readiness for activation to the Product Master File (PMF)
  • Reduces the need for excessive email trails.
  • Adding value to all aspects of the supply Chain.


Supply Chain Management Suite

  • A fully integrated Supply Chain Management system that tracks and follows PO’s from Order Placement through Production, QC & Shipment.
  • REAL-TIME access to PO production status, ex factory scheduling, QC status, logistics and shipment incl shipment tracking.
  • PO’s are loaded direct to each clients dedicated portal and then cross-checked for PO accuracy (a major reason for factories rejecting or delaying order confirmation) against a PMF (Product Master File) to ensure accuracy of orders after which PO’s are deployed these to the factories.
  • Suppliers/Factories confirm PO’s direct to the portal or via BFG SCM team who track and follow up on orders during production – Production Management.
  • INTEGRATeR requires vendors to reconfirm orders 30days before shipment and then again 14days before shipment when QC bookings are made.
  • DuPro/in-Line and Pre-shipment QC reports are made available for direct access via INTEGRATeR.