What's New

BFG's Integrater product and supply chain management software upgraded to feature on-line diaries reducing the need for excessive email's and keeping all those who need to know informed with the latest real time information.

Proven Results

Product Development, Sourcing, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance and Logistics in Asia are complex and time-consuming processes. Our clients have businesses to run and customers to manage.
BFG’s “turn-key” services help you manage your entire supply chain in Asia more effectively.
We operate as a value adding and cost saving extension to your businesses. We are not a sourcing agent or trading company.
BFG’s fully owned subsidiary Asia SCA provides integrated supply chain and QA management in China.

  • Cost efficiencies in all stages of product development, quality assurance and supply chain management
  • Lower factory costs and higher margins
  • Better buying conditions
  • Shorter lead times and fewer shipment delays
  • Customized business partnerships combined with our unique IT platform that delivers instant access to the information that is important from development to supply chain to delivery.
  • Faster product development & launches.
  • Increased quality levels and fewer quality problems
  • 100% Real-time Product Development transparency and Supply Chain visibility giving you the confidence you know what you need to know about what is happening with your products and projects
  • Greater responsiveness to changes in business and political landscape in China and rest of Asia
  • Less travel to Asia saving $$’s, and your trips become more productive
  • You gain more time to focus on your core business, markets and customers