What's New

BFG's Integrater product and supply chain management software upgraded to feature on-line diaries reducing the need for excessive email's and keeping all those who need to know informed with the latest real time information.

About Us

The Blue Fuzion Group represents a fresh approach to Asian sourcing, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management solutions.

We customize fully transparent customized business models to the specific needs and expectations of each of our business partners. Our business model is designed so as clients have specialist industry experienced professionals located focused on their business needs who are fully supported by either dedicated or shared supply chain, logistics & administration support without all of the set up and running costs of an own office.

Having a Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Partner with western ideologies based close to source ensures a coordinated and cohesive link between Product Design, Development, Sourcing, Compliance, Procurement and Quality control with suppliers/vendors and manufacturing partners around Asia.

Established in 2008 by a management team who has over 30+yrs Global Brand Development and Sourcing Management experience, the Blue Fuzion Group and its China operating subsidiary Asia SCA (Supply China Assurance) represents a fresh new approach to Asian based Sourcing, Development, Quality Engineering, Quality Assurance and Supply Chain Management.

Catering for all categories of branded consumer products our approach is to create a Value Based Quality Product Offer which redefines industry boundaries and creates a new Value Curve for clients and in turn their customers.

Capitalizing on the extensive knowledge and understanding of industry specific brands, the sourcing and manufacturing landscape a more focused approach to ensuring Quality and Value meet with the expectations of our customers customer is one of our key objectives. As the landscape of China changes we are constantly challenging the collective wisdom of the present and proactively looking at and exploring new sourcing and supply chain opportunities to maximize and leverage the entire Asian region.

30+ years experience working with Far East manufacturers and representative offices has allowed us to structure a business model cost base based on the individual needs of each client that creates Real Value for our clients versus existing alternatives.

Full visibility of all aspects of the end-to-end process is offered via our real-time Product Lifecycle and Supply Chain Management software ‘INTEGRATeR’.

We aim to understand fully and implement our business partners needs and expectations, to offering flexible cross-category sourcing solutions, delivering consistent quality and value in product and order schedule adherence. We are the Eyes, Ears and Feet on the ground in Asia for our business partners worldwide.

We have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Northern China.

asia sca limited

Asia SCA (Supply Chain Assurance) Limited is a fully owned subsidiary of Blue Fuzion Group and is the Supply Chain and Quality Assurance facilitation provider for the business with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai region so as we can cover factories in all the major manufacturing provinces

The Team

With a management team who collectively have extensive time tested branded sourcing and product development experience with multi national retailers and global brands, BFG provides the expertise to deliver a fresh approach to Asian Sourcing, Product & Vendor Management through Supply chain and Quality Assurance Management.